Salwar is one of the traditional and famous dresses that are worn by the Indian women. There are different types of salwars available in the market. One of its kind is Cotton shalwars. Cotton salwars acts as a show stealer in the hot season. It is one of the most sellable dresses among the Indian wears. The cotton salwars are available in various types. They are pure cotton, khadi cotton, cotton mix, south cotton, Ahmedabad cotton, cotton crush, Rajasthani cotton etc.

The beauty of this cotton dress lies in the truth that it gives comfort to the wearer. This is one of the main reasons why it is worn by many people in India. To no more surprise, the popularity of the cotton shalwars has now jumped to the borders and has occupied the minds and hearts of the women living all over the world. The fabric is more comfortable to wear, durable and cool. It absorbs sweat and keeps the skin dry.

The cotton shalwars are available in various colors that can be worn for any occasion. The designer sarees are available in various colors as beige, black, blue, brown, cream, green, gray, gold, lavender, magenta, maroon, multicolored, mustard, orange, ocher, pink, purple, peach, red, rust , Silver, Turquoise, Teal, White, Wine, and Yellow. The cotton salwars are made from different styles of fabrics, Brass, Brocade, fancy fabric, Faux Brocade, Faux chiffon, Faux crepe, Faux Georgette, Net, Poly cotton, Pure chiffon, Poly silk, Satin, Semi silk, Silk cotton, Tissue and many more. It is available both as a casual wear and a party wear. The party wear cotton salwar is decorated with various designs. They are not much expensive and are available at any shops.


The cotton suits are easy to wear and you do not need to spend more time in draping it. It suits all types of women, regardless of whether they are slim, fat or small. The fit of the salwar suits to women of all ages and sizes. Start from teenagers to middle aged ladies, all loves to wear cotton salwars. You can also buy material and get them stitched according to your size.